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A Jewish YouTube Collection

"Seeing is believing"

Telethon Fun

 This past Sunday, was the annual Chabad telethon. It’s an evening of joy, laughter, and meaning. Enjoy this clip of Joey from “friends” and Jimmy Kimmel on the Chabad telethon:

It's Almost Here

 It’s almost here. The Jewish new year is soon upon us. The Days of Awe and the Days of Joy. This is the most spiritually energizing time – don’t miss it!

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

Lunch and Learn

 A few short clips of the workshop of teffilin and Mezuzah we had this Wednesday at the lunch and learn


The Roving Rabbis

One of Chabad’s hallmark programs that began in the 1950’s is “Merkos Shlichus” or as it’s now known “The Roving Rabbis”. Hundreds of the rabbinical residents and young rabbis travel to far-flung corners of the world for a few week in the summer to meet Jews in places with no infrastructure of community. Enjoy this news report from Lewiston, Idaho. Visit www.RovingRabbis.com for some fascinating Jewish stories from far-flung corners of the world.

Kosher Meat

 Enjoy this short clip about kosher red meat:


The Rebbe's Dollars

 The Rebbe would famously distribute dollars each Sunday empowering them to give charity. People from all walks of life would have their moment with the Rebbe. Here is a short exchange with the publisher of the Jerusalem Post:


Ariel Sharon recalls the Rebbe's words

 An excerpt from a recently discovered 1969 recording of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon describing his second private audience with the Rebbe.

Shamir and the Rebbe

 The Rebbe and Shamir. The inside story:

Faithful and Fortified

This is a trailer for a new historical film unearthing the complex and private relationship between the Rebbe and Israeli Prime Ministers:


Nik Wallenda - Jewish?

Today, June 15th Nik Wallenda will capture the attention of the world as he attempts to walk across Niagara Falls on a 2-inch-dimaeter cable. What if he were Jewish?


The Living Legacy Conference

 Chabad’s Living Legacy conference in Washington DC is a spectacular and powerful experience. Enjoy a taste.  


I Believe...

This true story is a powerful testimony to the sincere and eternal trust we have in G-d and in His promise to bring redemption. May we witness the conclusion of this story speedily in our days - enjoy!


Share a Mitzvah

 This Brooklyn based organization encouraged Jews to inspire other Jews this holiday. And they created a humorous little promo to garner interest - enjoy!

Basketball - but not on Shabbat


Principles or basketball, what takes precedent? Well this Jewish basketball team ain’t gonna play on Shabbat:

Stuff Chabad Rabbis Say

Our affiliates in Texas put together this humorous clip of “stuff Chabad Rabbis Say” - enjoy.

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