Building Campaign 

We are expanding Chabad of South Beach to serve our community
and its many visitors.

We will be doubling our square footage, and adding
a rooftop event space,
professional kitchen, library, classrooms, and more.

Request-for-proposal for Physical Security Enhancements

Naming and dedication opportunities available. Please join the effort!

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Sponsorship Opportunities:

Building Name $3,000,000
Sanctuary $1,500,000
Social Hall $750,000
Aron Eastern sponsored by Bert Cohen $250,000
Eastern Wall $180,000
Kitchen $500,000
Children Center in memory of Naomy Wilzig $150,000
Rooftop $250,000
Library $180,000
Main Entrance Lobby $150,000
Landscaping Yard $100,000
Rabbi’s Study $72,000
Synagogue Doors $72,000
Yizkor Memorial Board $54,000
Bimah $72,000
Tree of Life Dedication $36,000
Security Dedication $100,000
Social Hall Furnishings $54,000
Sukkah $36,000
Ner Tamid sponsored by Marc Horowitz $18,000
Lobby Furniture $36,000
Memorial board $18,000
Chazan Stand $18,000
Rabbi's Stand $7,200
Main Mezuzah sponsored by Pinchas & Janet Wolk $3,600
Mechitzah (x8) $5,400
Washing Sink $3,600
Leaf on Tree of Life Leaf $1,800
Table (x20) $3,600
Mezuzah (x10) $1,800
Memorial Plaque $770
Chairs (x100) $540
  Mikvah Dedication  
  Mikvah Name $180,000
  Main Mikvah Room $100,000
  Mikvah Pool - Bor $72,000
  Preparation Room $54,000
  Mezzuzah on Entrance Door of Main Mikvah $3,600
  Mikvah Tile $54,000
  Mikvah Entrance Door $36,000

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