About The Rabbi and Rebbetzin

In the vibrant year of 2005, our journey led us to the golden shores of South Beach, where we embarked on a remarkable mission close to our hearts. United by an unwavering dream, we took the bold step of opening a Chabad house, breathing life into the Lubavitcher Rebbe's timeless vision. Shragi's adventurous spirit had blossomed during his summers as a traveling rabbi, traversing distant landscapes to kindle the flames of torah. Meanwhile, Devorah Leah's dedication shone bright as she nurtured young minds as a camp counselor, working under the guidance of Chabad rabbis in various corners of the country.

Our paths converged as we got married and were determined to bring the light of Torah Wich set the stage for the next chapter of our story.

As time passed, South Beach became more than just a location; it became the canvas upon which we painted our devotion. Rooted in a fervent desire to educate the next generation and weave the fabric of meaningful connections, we found ourselves bringing together the south Beach community as well as welcoming travelers from around the world into our Chabad house. Our journey, an exhilarating fusion of purpose and community, continues to unfold, with our hearts forever intertwined with the rhythm of South Beach and the souls we have touched along the way.